The Chakra Path to Successful Business Management

Explore your business through the subtle energy of your chakras

Next workshop: Nov 13, 2019 Puerto Vallarta Mexico

One of the most ancient and useful models to make sense of the inner nature of ourselves is the system of the seven chakras from the tradition of Yoga. A chakra (cakra), translated from the Sanskrit world wheel, is an energy center which facilitates an energy exchange. This interactive workshop provides an exploration into the 7 energy chakras and how understanding them can help you be more effective in managing your business and living your dharma (right action/life purpose).

Following your passion to start your own business can be stressful and sometimes lonely. It is equally challenging to stay inspired, motivated and focused. This workshop will provide insight into being centered, finding balance and becoming more productive. By balancing our chakras we can uncover blockages, align ourselves and find new ways to focus our energy on what is important to us and our business.

Through the lens of the chakra system, we will explore:

  1. How our own personal growth can manifest into better flow for our business,
  2. Understand the relationship between our own energies and that of our business, and
  3. Practical (non woo-woo) real world actions you can take in your life to align and become the master of your own destiny.


  • Introduction and centering
  • Gratitude to those before us
  • Understanding the chakras and how they are connected
  • Brief history of the chakras
  • Blockages, imbalances and the flow of energy
  • Energy flows in your business
  • Deeper explorations of each chakra:

Root (Muladhara)
Sacral (Svadhishthana)
Solar Plexus (Manipura)
Heart (Anahata)
Throat (Vishuddha)
Third Eye (Ajna)
Crown (Sahasrara)

  • Putting it all together
  • Continuing the Journey:

Other chakras and energy systems
Further resources for deeper exploration

  • Closing

What we will explore:

  • The origins of chakras
  • Basics of the 7 chakra system
  • Understanding of flow of liberation and manifestation
  • Relationship with latest scientific information, psychology and ancient wisdom
  • Other modalities, archetypes and deities
  • Physical and emotional connections of each chakra
  • Questions to ask yourself to assess your imbalances
  • Techniques to unblock your chakras and balance them
  • Extending the chakras to your business
  • Imbalances in your business
  • Business practices to achieve flow
  • Resources for further learning

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for business owners, self employed professionals and entrepreneurs who want to be more successful in their business by understanding and balancing energy. The goal is to move towards a state of “flow” and experience optimal engagement to manage your business. By understanding how each chakra can impact elements of yourself, you can discover areas that you can focus on to create better balance and success in your business (and life).

How we will learn and play? 

We will explore the topic of chakras, and their relationship to managing your business through a combination of discussions, activities and meditations to provide a sensory experience of our energy centers and experience ways to balance them. Dress comfortably, bring a journal and your yoga mat for a playful approach to discover more about you and your business. A workbook will be provided.

Why I created this workshop?

I came to discover the chakras about 15 years ago in a meditation course.  Since then I have taken a keen interest in learning more about chakras and energy work through a variety of sources (yoga teacher trainings, chakra courses, reiki training, meditation courses, neuroscience workshops and readings). At the start, this provided a lovely hobby to balance out my stressful career in digital technology. Some time later, I noticed a change in my own energy and this began to show up in my business.

About your Facilitator:

Yoga has become an important practice in my life, both on and off the mat. I have found the chakra system to be a rewarding modality to learn about myself, understand others and work towards more balance and healthy flow in my life. This in turn has helped my clients to energize and grow the businesses they love.

Having studied classical yoga (my yoga bio is here), I try to bridge respectfully ancient teachings with the modern world we live in today. I'd like to share with you our experiences, provide some extensions to practical business actions and spark an interest into a deeper exploration of chakras for your own journey off the mat.

Susan Jarema