Business of Yoga Training: Grow the Yoga Business You Love

Becoming a yoga professional is a business. This business training, geared especially for yoga professionals will explore taking your yoga practice off the mat to turn your yoga business into a thriving career.  

  • Are you struggling to make a living as a yoga teacher? 
  • Are you a new teacher that isn't sure how to begin?
  • Are you getting burnt out?
  • Do you want to take your yoga business to the next level?

Using the practice of sankalpa, Susan will guide you through a process to find your authentic teaching style and build your brand. The yoga tradition of sankalpa offers an insightful recipe for realizing your heartfelt desires. It goes beyond resolutions and speaks to your dharma (higher purpose). Finding your authentic teaching style will give you focus and clarity in creating the services you offer. It will help you position your brand and define the strategies you use to build your business. An understanding of what drives your practice and your teaching style will facilitate better alignment and energy in your business and help you stand out from the crowd. .

Through the lens of yoga philosophy, we will share strategies, best practices and tips to grow your business and leverage your time. Participants will leave with the tools in place to create a solid marketing plan that speaks to them and provides better results.

Some of the business topics we will explore include:

* Clarify your vision, purpose and "why"  for your yoga career

* Finding your authentic teaching style and voice

* Contemplate and refine your yoga brand

* Discuss tips to enhance your yoga bio and resume

* Practice your elevator pitch with each other

* Explore new strategies to build your tribe

* Learn how you can optimize SEO on your blogs and social profiles

* The latest in social media strategies and low cost guerilla marketing ideas

* Learn about technology platforms to build trust and engage with clients & leads

* Moving beyond studio teaching, to being an entrepreneur

* Share creative ways to build your business and grow your revenue

* How to effective use online training to leverage your time and build your brand 

* Discuss ways to leverage your time and create passive income

* Take your yoga off the mat and into your business to give you balance, focus and energy

* Get started on your own marketing plan to ensure your success


Susan, a yoga teacher herself, business consultant and educator, has worked with hundred of clients to grow the businesses they love. She is passionate about sharing this knowledge with other yoga professionals through creative, interactive and practical workshops. Susan’s dharma is helping others succeed in their purposeful work. Having studied, practiced and taught both business and classical yoga, she tries to bridge respectfully traditional teachings with our modern world. Susan loves to share yoga philosophy and provide extensions to practical business actions that will not only increase your bottom line, but also spark an interest into a deeper exploration of yoga.

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This workshop is generally broken into two days (5 hours each). All or select modules can be offered as part of a 200 hour or 300 hour advanced yoga training course or independently for a group. Teacher Training Schools can contact Susan to review the course materials and full outline. This course includes a workbook where participants can start working on their marketing plan.  Some optional pre-assignments will be given in advance to make the most out of the class.  The course can be adapted for various lengths of time where some sections would have take home activities.  An online course will be available in 2020.  


Next course offered:

Nov 11 2019, Davannayoga Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Susan facilitated a highly successful workshop on the business of yoga the 500 hour RYT program at Davannayoga. It was exactly what I was looking for support my graduates with their yoga career journey. With over 25 years of business experience, Susan is able to share her wealth of knowledge on business and the newer forms of digital marketing. Susan is passionate about yoga teachers having a healthy relationship to money. She helps yoga teachers to understand how to make a living from their yoga business, as well as feel good about it. Susan can work with both new teachers and seasoned yogis as well as yoga studio owners to create a business plan scaled to size and expectations. Susan is personable, respectful and inclusive. She makes all participants feel valuable and important. She sees potential in everybody. I look forward to having her share her expertise in future trainings, and would highly recommend her workshop to other yoga training schools.

~ Anna Laurita, Davannayoga, Mexico

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