Chakra Workshop for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

This workshop provides a journey into the 7 energy chakras and how balancing them can help you and your business grow.

Running a business can be stressful. This workshop will provide insight into being centered, finding balance and becoming more productive. By balancing our chakras we can find new ways to focus our energy on what is important to us and our business. My clients call this the yogi way of business planning. Through the eyes of our chakra energy centers, we will explore a SWOT analysis, business audit and start working towards a chakra based business plan.

We will explore the topic of chakras, and their relationship to better managing your business through a combination of discussion, group activities, journaling, all levels asana practice and a guided meditation.


  • Centering
  • Understanding the chakras and how they are connected
  • Balance for body, mind, spirit... and your business
  • Chakra assessments
  • Actions to rebalance each chakra
  • Yoga asana sequence for your chakras
  • Balancing business principles
  • Your own chakra based business plan
  • Chakra meditation
  • Closing

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to be more successful in their business by understanding and balancing the energies of their chakras.
The goal if this is to find that “flow” and experience optimal engagement for managing your business. By understanding how each chakra can impact elements of your business, you can discover areas that you should focus on to create better balance and success in your business (and life).